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Drug treatment centers are facilities that offer care to individuals with substance abuse disorders. Some drug treatment centers operate on an inpatients basis, admitting individuals for intensive care just as a hospital would. Other drug treatment centers offer outpatient care, providing counseling and services to individuals who return to home or to work when not participating in drug treatment. Alcohol Treatment Centers New York will guide you to the right treatment facility for drug treatment in New York with more than one type of substance abuse treatment to meet the needs of clients. To find out more about treatment options, call (646) 918-5955 today.

What Is Drug Treatment?

Treatment for drug abuse and addiction can take on a variety of forms, but all aim to help an individual overcome the physical, emotional, and mental components of the disease. Drug treatment in New York will often consist of medical care for withdrawal symptoms, psychiatric care, and therapy aimed at identifying and mitigating triggers of addictive behavior. Rehabilitation is guided by experienced and qualified professionals.

Who Needs Treatment?

Anyone who has trouble controlling their use of a substance, be it legal or illegal, can benefit from drug treatment or rehabilitation. This includes people who have never undergone substance abuse treatment before as well as people who have been treated in the past and have either relapsed into use or want to prevent relapse. Some common signs that drug treatment is required include the following.


  • Withdrawal symptoms when substance isn't used
  • Strong cravings for the substance
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in blood pressure and heart rate
  • Changes in visual, auditory, and or taste perception


  • Changes in work or school performance
  • Changes in friends
  • Changes in interests, especially lack of interest in former hobbies


  • Moodiness
  • Easy anger
  • Sullen or withdrawn attitude
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Decreased mental sharpness

For individuals displaying these signs and symptoms, an intervention may be necessary. An intervention is nothing more than a controlled discussion with an individual about potentially addictive behavior. In many cases, interventions are managed by professionals, but they need not be. The goal of an intervention is to discuss substance abuse in an open and supportive environment in order to encourage an individual to seek treatment.

What Does Drug Treatment in New York Offer?

Drug treatment in New York offers three basic things. First, they provide medical detox. Medical detox is the management of dangerous, unpleasant, or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms by physicians and healthcare providers. The goals of medical detox are to prevent life-threatening complications of withdrawal and to manage the severe cravings associated with withdrawal so as to prevent early relapse.

The second type of treatment offered by rehab is therapy. Therapy can take many forms including cognitive-behavioral therapy, music therapy, group therapy, and family counseling. The goals of therapy are to identify triggers for addictive behavior and to provide individuals with the means of avoiding or dealing with those triggers when they arise.

The third thing offered is relapse prevention. Relapse prevention is the final stage of rehabilitation and lasts for an individual's lifetime. The goals of relapse prevention are to help former addicts identify the earliest stages of relapse and to equip them to deal with the signs and symptoms of potential relapse. Relapse prevention is the most important aspect of any treatment program.

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